Original Art and Music by Leigh Anne Sutherlin

Original Art and Music by Leigh Anne Sutherlin

Original Art and Music by Leigh Anne Sutherlin

Original Art and Music by Leigh Anne Sutherlin Original Art and Music by Leigh Anne Sutherlin

Art Gallery est. 2018

From "what?" to Patty O'Garden

A few years ago, my parents sent me a box of watercolor art papers and sketchpads of different sizes and textures.  I called them to say thank you, but then asked, "What am I supposed to do with this," to which they unanimously replied, "PAINT." :-) So I travelled to the nearest Blick Art Store and decided upon the Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor starter set. Suddenly inspiration settled in and I spent six of seven mornings a week on my patio with art papers, WN Cotman, brushes, a bagel, and espresso in all the right places.  That year, my double delight roses, angel face roses, pansies, and Tiffany tea roses were in full bloom. I had a field day getting back to my art. One particular day, I did what I will call a "portrait" of a double delight rose and photographed it with the cut rose in the frame and posted it to my Facebook page. A friend saw it and invited me to exhibit several months later at a library. Again, I thought, "What am I doing," but I said yes, even though my face was sheet white with fear. I later joined a watercolor group on Facebook and started posting and watching what others were doing. My inspiration and commitment grew. One day when it was time to buckle down and get the exhibit pieces started, professional grade watercolors were recommended. Once I learned how those performed, I decided upon Fredrix Archival Watercolor Canvas for my nine works. Oh the stories I could tell you about the success, difficulties and learning experiences that came with this preparation to exhibit! It felt at times, I imagined, like having a record deal and not knowing how to write a song.  As an exhibit "warmup," I did a local preview and a few friends and music students came to see! When I got to the library, things went very smoothly! Watercolor painting is so much fun!

...and the coastal collection

The nine pieces came together quickly, and I started another collection in the meantime as well as plans for many smaller designs. I have compiled the nine Patty O'Garden floral pieces, including The Legend of the Cardinal, cardinal in snow, for you with select pieces from the Coastal Collection exhibit coming up in January 2020 in southern California. I decided to include those in my online gallery now, as well as select photographic art favorites. 

I hope you will enjoy browsing through the floral, coastal, and broadbrush art and photo galleries and find something you love for your home, office, or studio. A variety of popular sizes, textures, and mounts are available. And as always, if you don't see a size that works, please contact us below to send your inquiries for custom order. 

Thank you so much, and welcome to my premier exhibit here at my online gallery.